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Winnipeg Sushi Cigar Man Ontario Richard K Sullivan ASK Auto Inc Santucci Italy Chikusa Cafe

This web design portfolio contains a selection of work we have developed. While we have great appreciation for each and every one of our clients, there's just too many to fit here. We have included a little bit of everything so you can see the diversity in our designs.

Winnipeg Sushi

Winnipeg Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant and tea house based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This site is designed to reflect the specialty of the business. The website is fully based on xhtml/CSS markup and follows the guidelines set by W3C

Cigar Man Ontario

Cigar Man Ontario Website is a custom products catalog based on PHP/MySQL architecture, with admin functionality to manage the products and add unlimited products. The site is custom designed on xhtml and css markup following the W3C guidelines

Richard K Sullivan

A florida based lawyer website, driven with flash animations and developed in PHP; the website utilizes dark colors and sharp CSS.

ASK Auto Inc

Ask Auto Inc is an one-stop car shop with commercial and non-commercial vehicles. The website is full products catalog/gallery combo with an admin console to add/manage all autos and all description.

Santucci Italy

Santucci Italy is a multi lingual full flash ajax website with customer products catalog built on PHP with MySQL backend

Chikusa Cafe

For Cafe Chikusa, it is important that the quality and uniqueness of their coffee be matched by the uniqueness and quality of their brand and imaging.

We used coffee colors and related imagery throughout the website.

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